Everybody Hurts

My grandmother has a stroke.

My sister is severly injured in a freak accident involving a motorcycle and a mattress.

And I am deficient in iron.

Finally they understand my pain.


(5+7+5)*5=Duality of My Existence

My Fantasy:

Rick Schroeder plays gay
in "The Andromeda Strain".
Ricky prefers "Dick"?

Glenn Greenwald on law,
Constitutional, or not—
makes me think of briefs

Neil Patrick Harris
flirted shamelessly with me.
But so did David.

Anderson Cooper
has not yet proposed marriage.
What's he waiting for?

My Reality:

Same-sex marraiges
or picking teams in gym class—
I get chosen last.


My Left Mic

I know, I know... I've done this a thousand times already, but I'll try again, and thank you for bearing with me.

I'm officially launching my blog one more time. Fingers crossed that this time I last longer than your average British sexual encounter [I kid, I've never shagged a Brit, but I hear they are very polite].

I tend to be a rather all or nothing kind of guy, and when I haven't been able to meet the high goals I've set for myself, or my blog, I've just given up. But my anti-depressants are working, and I'm not setting myself up to fail, this time.

I remember watching an episode of The Tonight Show when I was a kid where the comedian [who was the voice of Roger Rabbit before disappearing into obscurity] performed a most unusual routine. On stage were 2 microphones. On the right stood the mic into which he performed the majority of his standard stand-up routine; on the left however, stood the mic into which he would express all those random thoughts that pass through one's head that aren't necessarily apropos or even really coherent, but somehow hold within them some kind of magnetic core which keeps our minds coming back again and again.

My only goal, this time, is that this blog will by my Left Mic.
[and there will of course be haiku]

So here goes:

Current obsessions:

Eva Cassidy's Songbird:

This is a fan vid of the song, which was also featured in the "Love Actually" soundtrack. I know I'm a total sentimental sap, but it's just so beautiful.

Verbotene Liebe:
A German soap opera that I discovered on AfterElton and The Gays of Daytime. All I can say is that Christian and Olli's love scenes are better than anything I see (or sadly experienced) in a good long while.

Haiku: In honor of the "Sex and the City" movie

Four women imbibe
cocktails while discussing sex.
I die from boredom.